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Our healthy and well breed Dutch Cows are imported from Holland and are raised in a hygienic environment at our farm. They are perfect for yielding high-quality milk which is famous for its low lactose and fat level. Get the taste of milk you have never experienced before!

BUffalo Milk

Buffalo milk is famous for its amazing nutrients and contains 9 amino acids along with a good amount of minerals like calcium and phosphorus. It imparts power and strength to bones. Get the strength in your bones you never felt before!

Cow and buffalo Mix Milk

Mix milk gives the best of both cow and buffalo milk nutrients and minerals providing the consumers with the ultimate health and fitness experience they have never known before!

The Pure Milk You Will Ever Need

Farmen Diaries presents the most hygienic and pure quality milk that can give you a new amazing experience of dairy products. The best way to explore more about our wide quality of milk products is to visit our farm. 

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